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Dried Fruits

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Dried Kiwi Chips

Dried Kiwi Chips

All the goodness and deliciousness of kisi, amplified multiple times. That's how our kiwi tastes like. Made using only kiwi and nothing else, the kiwi lasts a very long time. We are sure you will consume it in few minutes rather than months. The kick of exotic taste, the punch of all that citrusy flavour will take your breath away
Dried Apple Chews

Dried Apple Chews

An apple a day keeps doctor away! Even better when you don't have to look for the apple everyday to buy and eat. Made using apple and brushed with lemon juice, apple chews are all natural and nutrition rich. A single slice will be enough to get you hooked with it.
Picture of Amla & Beetroot Chips

Amla & Beetroot Chips