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Picture of Baarik Sev

Baarik Sev

Picture of Burhanpuri Gathiya

Burhanpuri Gathiya

Picture of Panipuri Trikon

Panipuri Trikon

Picture of Mini Samosa

Mini Samosa

Picture of Banana Chips

Banana Chips

Picture of Chakli


Picture of Teekha Mixture

Teekha Mixture

Picture of Black Pepper Peanuts

Black Pepper Peanuts

Picture of Mini Kachori

Mini Kachori

Picture of Chanajor Garam

Chanajor Garam

Picture of Manchurian Trikon

Manchurian Trikon

Picture of Laung Sev

Laung Sev

Picture of Ratlami Sev

Ratlami Sev

Picture of Choco bytes

Choco bytes

Picture of Lahsan Sev(Garlic sev)

Lahsan Sev(Garlic sev)

Picture of Strawberry bytes

Strawberry bytes

Picture of Ujjaini Sev

Ujjaini Sev

Picture of Mango bytes

Mango bytes

Picture of Red Pepper Peanuts

Red Pepper Peanuts

Picture of Soya Sticks

Soya Sticks

Picture of Roasted Multigrain Mix

Roasted Multigrain Mix

Picture of Mathri


Picture of Dry Fruit Mixture

Dry Fruit Mixture

Picture of Tomato Trikon

Tomato Trikon

Picture of Marwari Mixture

Marwari Mixture

Picture of Khatta Meetha Falahari Mixture

Khatta Meetha Falahari Mixture

Picture of Tasty


Picture of Shakkar Para

Shakkar Para

Picture of Roasted Moong

Roasted Moong

Picture of Khasta


Picture of Khatta Meetha Mixture

Khatta Meetha Mixture

Picture of Roasted Wheat

Roasted Wheat

Picture of Wheat Puffs

Wheat Puffs

Picture of Peanut-milk Laddoo

Peanut-milk Laddoo

Picture of Teekha Falahari Mixture

Teekha Falahari Mixture

Picture of Amla & Beetroot Chips

Amla & Beetroot Chips

Dried Apple Chews

Dried Apple Chews

An apple a day keeps doctor away! Even better when you don't have to look for the apple everyday to buy and eat. Made using apple and brushed with lemon juice, apple chews are all natural and nutrition rich. A single slice will be enough to get you hooked with it.

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